Wedding Planning

Ella Hartig specialises in full wedding planning, taking on just 8-10 full plan clients a year ensures each couple receives a personalised service. Ella works with couples from the start of the planning journey, all the way through to the special event itself. From the venue search, to supplier sourcing, to tablescapes and timelines, Ella manages the entire planning process to ensure the journey is as stress-free as possible for her clients. Ella gets to know each couple and their unique love story so that she can design authentic celebrations that represent them wholeheartedly. The aim is for every guest to leave each wedding feeling like “that wedding was so *insert couples names*!” and for every couple to thoroughly enjoy both the planning process and of course the main event itself. Working together through the whole planning journey Ella ensures there is strong trust between her couples, her suppliers and herself. Having a good planning relationship is key to the smooth running of the event. Ella establishes aligned understanding and vision right from the start of the planning process, beginning from the initial enquiry call.

Ella believes that weddings are a unique opportunity for you to have everyone you love most in the world, together in one space, celebrating you and your love for each other. Whilst Ella and the team manage the logistics and running of your special day, you can be fully present with your loved ones, creating magical memories to last a lifetime. 

Client Consultation & Coordination

Ella reserves just two spots a year for this unique offering. The consultation and coordination service is designed for creative couples with plenty of spare time who wish to manage the planning of their special day themselves but desire a helping hand along the way. This offering includes a handful of hour long consultation calls to guide the couple’s planning and provide some supplier guidance. The main day to day planning however remains with the couple. The Ella Hartig team them come onboard in the final couple of weeks to coordinate the wedding day, ensuring all the plans go smoothly.  This is a highly demanded service and as such couples are reviewed to ensure that they and their vision for the day best align with the Ella Hartig team to ensure a productive and enjoyable process for all. 

B2B Supplier Consultation

Whether you’re completely new to the industry or an existing supplier looking to pivot to working in the luxury wedding and event industry, Ella is available for venue and supplier consultations upon request. With a decade of experience in the luxury events and hospitality industry, Ella can provide you with the knowledge and confidence you require to ensure that you are targeting your dream customers and booking the wedding clients you dream of.